• #BLOGMASDAY20 My favourite incense sticks to use! Since taking part in #YearOfYou I have been trying to find ways to help calm and control my anxiety and one of the things I love doing is burning scented incense sticks in my bedroom to release calming and delicious scents just like candles but in a slightly different way.

    This is kinda a short post but just appreciating my favourite incense sticks which are from Juicy Jays, I can get a packet off eBay for about £1 which is amazing considering how much I get in a packet and how long each one lasts. I have my own incense stick holder which I can keep my incense stick in and the scented smoke will come out of the small holes in the top and spread the gorgeous scent around my room whilst it catches the ash. I have quite a few flavours from Juicy Jays pretty much all being fruity. My absolute favourite is definitely Strawberry Fields closely followed by Raspberry. I own the flavours Strawberry Fields, Raspberry, Orange Overload and Black N Blueberry.

    Have you used incense sticks before? Do you have any incense sticks to recommend?

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