• #BLOGMASDAY10 I am a huge fan of candles and these are my favourites for Christmas. Surprisingly to many candle lovers out there but I’m not a huge fan of the spicy usual christmas scents that you get in candles but here are a few of my favourite candles that I love burning over the Christmas holidays and typically during the rest of the year also.

    English Pear & Fressia – Jo Malone
    Not a very Christmas based scent but I just love how fresh and floral this candle is and Jo Malone just know how to kill it with their packaging and how to make a luxury candle. If you would like a more Christmas based candle from Jo Malone try their Pomegranate Noir scent.

    Cranberry Ice – Yankee Candle
    One of my favourite Yankee Candle scents and this one is very fresh but with a little hint of crispness from the ‘ice’ and I just love how Christmassy it feels with the red wax in the candle. I have burnt through so many of these candles.

    Cranberry Pear – Yankee Candle
    I have a little gingerbread votive candle holder from Yankee Candle which I use every Christmas to hold my votives and I’ve stocked up on Cranberry Pear and Cranberry Ice candles to burn through the christmas holiday. This is another fruity and fresh candle scent with a hint of crispness in it.

    Snowflake Cookie – Yankee Candle
    It’s not my favourite scent to smell when it’s not burning but once I burn it it changes and actually smells pretty decent. I also love the pink wax and it looks really cute on my desk when it’s burning. It smells like fresh cookies have been baked and decorated with pink icing.

    Elderflower & Prosecco – New Look
    A place I never would have thought would sell candles but when I saw New Look had released their Home range on the website and in store I saw this candle and was instantly intrigued. I don’t personally drink Prosecco or anything but I really like the smell of this candle and think it’s a perfect gift for those who love their Prosecco and adds a little hint of bubbles to the christmas celebrations.

    Vanilla Scented Tea Lights – IKEA
    A very budget option but if you really want nice and not sickly Vanilla scents candles, IKEA do the best little tea lights and jar candles going. I find other candle brands make their vanilla scents far to sickly that just make me feel sick.

    What candles do you love burning over the Christmas holidays?

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    My Favourite Christmas Candles