• My favourite music from the month of October. The seventh part of my Music of The Month series with my favourite singles, albums and new releases from this month. If you have any music recommendations, feel free to leave them in the comments below. I like a mixture of music! I know I normally do about 4 different singles/albums etc in these posts but in this months edition I kinda exceeded that a bit. There has been so many good tunes this month that I just had to include them all. 

    Can’t Stop by OneRepublic (Single) Throwing it back to OneRepublic’s old stuff and I have re-fallen in love with this song from their old album Native. I’m loving their new stuff but I’ve forgotten how much I love their old albums and vibe too. This song is so catchy and I love jamming to it. 
    Starboy by The Weeknd ft Daft Punk (Single) The Weeknd has killed it with this song. It’s so good and makes me want to dance. He’s not normally someone I would listen to but this recent songs have become major hits and have climbed the charts so much so he’s definitely worth listening to. 

    Sexual by NEIKED (Single) I know the story behind this song etc but it’s so catchy and gets me dancing in the morning. 

    Somebody Else by VERITE (Single) Not a song I would have found until I checked out the Today’s Top Hits playlist on Spotify were I found so many good songs that I wouldn’t normally listen to and this one definitely caught me. I don’t know what it is about this song that makes me hitting replay every time I listen to it. 

    The Mack by Nevada (Single) Another song I never would have found if it wasn’t for the Today’s Top Hits playlist on Spotify and it’s another that is so catchy I can’t help dancing around too. It’s definitely got an old school vibe going through it with a modern dance track. 

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    What music have you been loving this month?
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