• As the month of May is #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth, here is my second post in the series, I’m writing a few posts throughout the month highlighting mental health and especially anxiety as I suffer from it on a daily basis. This post is going to be about Music and what it means to me and my mental illness of Anxiety.

    Since a little kid music has always been playing in our house from my pop music now rock music, my brothers rap music now clubbing music and my Dads alternative rock music –  it has never been a quiet house. I am never not listening to music from being at work to in my bedroom or walking to the shops. It seems to make me feel at ease and helps me calm down. Whenever I’m having an anxious moment I always turn on my music and listen to the lyrics especially from my favourite bands and bands lyrics I can relate to. I always play feel good music when I’m feeling down as it always cheers me up ad calms me down. Music has always been a saviour of mine and I have such a wide variety of music on my Spotify playlists and in my CD collection, from Japanese rock, to chart pop music to old school songs (inc Professor Green and Drake) and my favourite alternative rock!

    What does music do for you and your mental illness?

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