• Here I write about everything that has happened in the last month including how my social media has grown, favourite products that I’ve picked up and empties I’ve used up including anything else that has happened across the month.

    (Below I’ll show the stats from the month before (JUNE) and the month now (JULY) to show how it’s grown) If I’ve gained followers it will be bold, if I’ve lost followers it will be italic and if it’s stayed the same it will be normal. 
    BLOGLOVIN 351 → 361
    TWITTER 1,143 → 1,329
    INSTAGRAM 660 → 750
    FACEBOOK 115→ 118
    PINTEREST 204 → 203

    All of my social medias have grown this month! My Facebook hasn’t grown much but you can follow me here if you want to. Also my Pinterest following has dropped so you can follow me here if you want to. 

    Nothing But Thieves new single ‘Sorry’
    My shorter fresh acrylic infilled nails
    Dunkirk movie
    Jo Malone English Oak & Hazelnut cologne 

    (This will probably be replacing my de-cluttering and empties post, unless you’d still like to see that – let me know in the comments below.) All cruelty free products are marked with *.
    Benefit Roller Lash Mascara – I’ve finally used us this mascara after wanting to get rid of it for ages as Benefit aren’t cruelty free.
    Ari by Ariana Grande Perfume* – Finally used up one of my favourite celeb perfumes I’ve ever bought.
    Ella by Ted Baker Perfume* – This little perfume came in a set my brother got me for my birthday one year and I loved it so I’m kinda gutted I’ve used it all up now but at least I know I like it so I can buy it again in full sized!
    Natural Collection Lash Definition Mascara x2* – I have loved this mascara for years and I’ve finally used up my last tubes of it which I really need to go back and purchase some more.
    Benefit They’re Real Primer Mascara – Finally used up this primer mascara from Benefit which I loved but since Benefit aren’t cruelty free I’ve been dying to use it up.
    W7 Absolute Lashes Mascara* – This mascara is the perfect alternative to the Benefit Roller Lash mascara and I’ve finally used it up so I might buy some more tubes of it as it was so good.

    Becky van Dijk
    – I have been needing some wanderlust inspiration to fill this massive void of missing Iceland so I’ve found quite a few travel bloggers that I love and one of them is Becky!
    World Of Wanderlust – Another travel blogger that I’ve been loving recently and it’s really kept my wanderlust alive since Iceland and my urge to travel more of the world. 

    6th – British Summer Time Festival ft Kings of Leon
    7th-9th – Hike up Mount Snowdon and trip to Wales
    28th – Went to see Dunkirk in the cinema

    What have you been loving this month? 

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