• Here I write about everything that has happened in the last month including how my social media has grown, favourite products that I’ve picked up and empties I’ve used up including anything else that has happened across the month. I am debating whether to stop writing up my monthly favourites purely because they don’t get any attention anymore and I feel like it’s a waste of time. I have a feeling this will be my last as they don’t get much engagement anymore – but it was fun while it lasted. 

    (Below I’ll show the stats from the month before (NOV) and the month now (DEC) to show how it’s grown) If I’ve gained followers it will be bold, if I’ve lost followers it will be italic and if it’s stayed the same it will be normal. 
    BLOGLOVIN  380 →  388
    TWITTER  1,543 → 1,560
    INSTAGRAM 858 → 889
    FACEBOOK 116 → 121
    PINTEREST  212 → 215

    All of my social medias have grown this month which I’m really happy about, it’s only a small growth but it’s definitely a growth for sure! My Facebook hasn’t grown much but you can follow me here if you want to. Also my Pinterest following hasn’t grown much either so you can follow me here if you want to. I have been gaining and losing Instagram followers quite quickly recently so check out my feed here. If you like what you see, definitely follow my socials to keep up to date! 

    Tom Ford Orchid Soleil Perfume* 
    Pro-Ject Jukebox E Turntable
    Ferrero Rochers
    (I may have eaten one too many)

    (This will probably be replacing my de-cluttering and empties post, unless you’d still like to see that – let me know in the comments below.) All cruelty free products are marked with *.
    Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original* – I have ordered so many of these ever since I fell in love with Urban Decay as a brand and I’ve finally used up one I’ve had for a while and can now start a new tube. 
    Barry M Liquid Eyeliner in Black*
    – I’ve had this eyeliner for ages and had stopped using it and it’s now dried up so I’ve decided to throw it away. 
    Ted Baker Liquid Eyeliner in Black* 
    – I’ve had this eyeliner for ages and had stopped using it and it’s now dried up so I’ve decided to throw it away. 
    Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil in Brownie Points*
    – I’ve had this brow pencil for ages and it’s not finally finished so I can continue using my favourite which is from Urban Decay.
    The Pro Hygiene Collection Makeup Brush & Sponge Wash* – I have been obsessed with this brush cleaner ever since I found it a couple of years ago and it’s all I ever use on my brushes!
    Herbal Essence Bio Renew Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner – One of my favourite scents from the new range I just love it so much even if it isn’t cruelty free.
    Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam – I’ve finally managed to use this cleansing foam up after having it for years – sadly it does wonders for my acne prone skin but it’s not cruelty free. 

    Gal Meets Glam 
    – I’ve rekindled my love for Julia’s blog because her imagery and outfits are so stunning.
    Kate La Vie – How can you not love Kate’s content? 


    8th – Work Christmas Party at Crazy Bear, Beaconsfield 
    24th – Christmas Eve drinks out 
    25th – Christmas Day with family 
    26th – Boxing Day with family
    31 – New Years Eve in Beaconsfield with family
    1st – New Years walk with the parents & Max (dog) 

    What have you been up to this month? 


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