• We had quite an early start before our Mangrove tour in Langkawi, being picked up at our hotel at 9am and had to get up early to get ready and have breakfast. We had a two hour journey to get to the mini harbour in which we caught our boat from. There was a lot of different groups from different tour guides waiting to catch their boats and we was put into groups and shown to our boat before heading off.

    It was a very hot day but it was great when the boat was moving as it felt quite cool but you had to be careful not to get burnt. Our first sight on the trip was to see the ‘King Kong rock’ which is aptly shaped like King Kong. We then headed further out to sea to see and feed some fish.

    We then headed back further inland and more into the mangroves to see the eagles being fed and to also feed and see the water monkies – by far my favourite and best part of the trip was seeing the monkies. I got some amazing photos of them if I say so myself. They came up so close when we fed them bananas and they climbed all over the boat, some people hated it but I loved it as I could get some great photos of them. We were told to only feed them a little bit as they can get very possessive of the bananas and they don’t want the monkies to get too tame and rely on the food from humans too much. When we fed the eagles they dived down in swarms towards the water to scoop up the food that had been chucked into the water and kept swooping overhead waiting for more food.

    On the next part of the tour we got to glide through the mangroves in our boat and reached Crocodile Cave which has nothing to do with crocodiles other than the entrance to the little cave is said to look like a crocodiles face. The boat driver maneuvered us through this small cave and out into the next opening before heading further downstream to the Fish Farm. I didn’t get any pictures of the fish farm as it wasn’t that amazing but after that we headed to the Bat Cave. Sadly my pictures in the Bat Cave didn’t come out that well but once we came out of the cave there was a lot more monkies so I got lots of pictures of them with their babies.

    Are you interested in doing this tour? Let me know in the comments below.

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    Mangrove Tour In Langkawi