• Part 3 of my Life Lately series. My life has been a bit quiet until these past few months. I thought I’d write up a little update for anyone who is interested in a little read.

    For those of my readers who didn’t know but I climbed Mount Snowdon back in July. I joined a travel lovers group created by one of my favourite travel bloggers Where’s Mollie?, she had created her first group event and arranged for 60 strangers to come together and hike Mount Snowdon in Wales. I wrote a blog post all about my time climbing Mount Snowdon so if you haven’t read that yet it’s Conquering My Anxiety & Hiking Mount Snowdon.

    These past two months haven’t been easy for me or my family with saying goodbye to two of our family pets – my rabbit Pip and our family dog Charlie. I have written a blog post all about grieving family pets and how hard it is saying goodbye it’s called When You Lose A Furry Friend. It’s going to take quite a bit of time for me and my family to overcome this trauma but we are slowly getting there and will be able to move on eventually. I also wanted to take a little bit of time to raise awareness to fellow dog owners that if you are out walking your dog to keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t eat anything. If you see them eating something that looks like a mushroom to get them to puke up straight away and get them to the vets as soon as you can – don’t wait! – so they can flush out their system to get rid of any toxins.

    After I had mourned the death of my rabbit Pip, I was finally ready to find a new rabbit to fill the void and when I set my eyes on this gorgeous chap I couldn’t resist. I was originally after a Netherland Dwarf rabbit and Oreo has some of the markings that a Netherland Dwarf has especially the adorable white belly and Oreo has ginger/brown markings as well on his belly which is so cute. He’s settled in perfectly well and is a very well behaved bunny who loves giving kisses and licking people, he was well behaved on his first vet visit to receive injections and checking his weight and the vet said he was the perfect weight, very alert and curious and full of character.

    I’ve had so many fails in the dating world it is literally driving me crazy. I am hoping that I’ve found someone that will fill that gap now and I will no longer have to worry. I am absolutely fed up of being told they’re into me and then finding out they’ve given up, but not by them telling me but by them completely ignoring me, coming up with excuses not to message me anymore or blocking me for no reason! WTF!

    If you have read my latest Life Lately post I wrote about a few goals I wanted to achieve during 2017 and I’ve now achieved 4 of them already!  I joined the gym back in April in order to train for my Snowdon hike but to also become healthier and more active as I haven’t done any sport or physical activity since I quit Netball and Dancing. I hiked Mount Snowdon in July. Achieved quite a few points on my bucket list and travelled to a new city which was Reykjavik in Iceland. I hit 1,000 followers on Twitter, bought a new MacBook for blogging and crossed a few other things off my bucket list.

    What have you been up to recently?
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    Life Lately #3: New Rabbit, Saying Goodbye, Still Dating & More

    • Finja says:

      Hello dear Shannon,
      Well, congratulations on hiking that mountain!! That definitely sounds like a fantastic accomplishment!!:) I can picture the process, even had a friend once who told me about his intention to climb every mountain in the world. So hooray, you made it! It sounds appealing to me as well but then I have a pretty lazy bottom and I feel like you need the company of others to accomplish this. Wouldn’t know of anyone really who would want to go neither. Lol
      And on that new rabbit, that sounds like a fresh new beginning there. Enjoy every minute of it!
      Lots of love,
      Finja – http://www.effcaa.com