• The second part of my Life Lately series! Another little update with a few goings on that have happened recently and things I want to update you on.

    After several months of being on dating apps and being single for 4 years, I am still none the wiser with the male kind and I’m forever being stood up on dates the night before which is really getting on my nerves. I am still looking for the right person and I’m hoping I’ll find them soon. I am just fed up of being treated like shit for who I am and I really want to find someone who appreciates me for me – anxiety and all! I have met so many assholes who I thought were nice guys but it turns out they are nothing special and I have deleted them out of my life! I hope I meet someone nice soon!

    2017 GOALS
    I’m not normally a person who sets goals and sticks to them as I kind of go off track once I hit January but never the less I still set a few targets to aim towards.

    • Finally have a first date
    • Achieve a few points on my Bucket List
    • Grow my blog even more
    • Travel to a new city
    • Lose weight and become more active
    • Become more self confident

    So we are slowly coming out of the winter months and are heading towards spring so I wanted to change up my vanity and make it all pretty for spring/summer. I moved my fake flowers from my desk and onto my vanity and changed my acrylic storage to showcase my favourite lip products which are all mauve and nude and my favourite eyeshadows – singles and small palettes. Then on display is my floral Rosie For Autograph perfume box because the pattern on it is so cute. I switch it up every now and then with my favourite skincare on display, at the moment my favourite Liz Earle moisturiser and toner, bareMinerals serum, Korres face mask and Jurlique facial spray are on display with a few other bits that need using up.

    I used to do a lot of physical activities when I was younger from horse riding to doing ballet and dance classes to tennis classes in the summer but I’ve slowly stopped doing anything active which hasn’t helped my body confidence situation so I’m hoping to gain more motivation to do something active and change that. I’m thinking of either going jogging/speed walking around my local village or doing some yoga and maybe start going to yoga classes when I build up confidence on some yoga poses.

    What has been one of your 2017 goals?

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