• Learning the basics of tarot card reading to find my future. With my new #YearOfYou series one of the activities I got into was Tarot Reading, you may think it’s silly but it actually helps you and can sometimes come true. You probably associate tarot cards with mind readers, witches and voodoo magic but anyone can do tarot reading as long as you learn the basics of reading what your cards mean. I follow lots of crystal healing and tarot card users on Instagram and I kept seeing lots of them raving about The Starchild Tarot and I just had to check them out because their tarot cards are gorgeous. Beautiful pastel colours, dreamy graphics and gold edges to every card. They are based in America and yes the shipping and customs was very prices and I got hit by custom charges but these cards were sooo worth it because they are stunning.

    The set I purchased was their Akashic Stargate Box (unfortunately sold out atm) which features 79 cards which are beautifully designed with pastel graphics and prints with a matte gold antique edging. The deck includes the Akashic Records as the new key in the Major Arcana, new Tarot spreads as well as added Spiritual Keys throughout the Major Arcana descriptions and geometric symbols. This pack also comes with a mini guide book with what each card means. The cards are a lot bigger than your usual deck of cards but they are soo beautiful to use.

    It took me quite a few practices to get the hang of reading my tarot cards but I have now found a spread that I feel happy reading and also using at the moment to understand what the future holds. Unfortunately one of my readings hasn’t come true and I don’t think it ever will but I am still holding out for the future and what it holds. I use my crystals around me whilst I’m reading my spread to help boost the vibrations and energy that I need to make my reading more accurate. My favourite crystals are my rose quartz, white selenite spiral, cobalt blue titanium quartz and my silver angel aura quartz. 

    STEP 1: Spread your cards out in front of you and shuffle them around. Place your chosen crystals around your deck area to help vibrations and energy into the cards for a more enhanced reading. Run your hands over the cards for extra energy.
    STEP 2: Gather all of your cards together into a deck again.
    STEP 3: Choose which spread you want to do. Choose between Past Present Future, Celtic Cross Spread, The Star Spread, The Akashic Spread, or the Metatron Spread (also called Third Eye Chakra Spread). 
    STEP 4: Once your spread has been chosen, pick the cards off the top of the deck and place into the spread format you have chosen and place them face down.
    STEP 5: One by one turn face up and read out what your guide book/internet tells you what each card means. I find writing each one down helps me remember it the next time and also keep a record of what I received before for me to look back on and reflect if it came true or not. Some cards may be faced upside down from when you shuffled, this could mean a negative result but your guide will tell you what it means.
    STEP 6: Once finished, gather your cards with the deck and re-shuffle ready for next time.

    If you have any questions about tarot card reading or would like to learn more, just ask me in the comments below! I am still learning myself. 🙂

    The Starchild Tarot Akashic Stargate Box $65 CAD (£34.89 NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING & TAX)
    Large Rose Quartz Crystal Tealight Holder £24.99
    Cobalt Blue Aura Quartz Druzy £9.99
    White Selenite Spiral £12.99
    Silver Angel Aura Quartz Druzy £13.99
    Have you tried tarot reading before? Is it something you would like to try?
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