A new splurge purchase but a well made one! These wouldn’t be classed as ‘Affordable’ but they were the cheapest as I could find compared to other shops and online stores. Retailing at £130 from John Lewis. the Limited Edition Rose Gold GHD V Styler Set comes with the V styler, a storage case and heat proof mat, 2 styling grips and a styler nose guard. The colour of the V styler is gorgeous – a stunning rose gold with tiny sparkles all over. The iron plates are very smooth and measure around 2 cm. The on/off button is a slide button which you slide up to switch on and down to switch off. The V styler will make a bleep noise when you switch it on and a double bleep noise to let you know when it’s ready to use and it’s heated up – which doesn’t take long, around 10 seconds. It also comes with a built in feature that if your styler is left unattended switched on for too long they will beep at you or after 30 minutes, they will shut down and switch off to help prevent fires. 

    It also comes with two styling grips and a styler nose guard – which comes in handy when you want to pack it all away into it’s storage case and it will protect the nose of the styler and keeps them together so it’s easier to pack. Also comes with a long power cable so it’s easy to use anywhere. The styler itself is very light weight and doesn’t weigh a ton which comes in handy whilst in use and it’s also a very sleek and not a huge styler which is also handy for travelling. I am really happy with this investment as I’ve always wanted a GHD styler and I’ve heard so many good reviews about them – and I see why people like them – despite the price tag. 
                       Do you own any of GHD’s products? What do you think about them?
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