• A little look into my spreads in my Erin Condren Life Planner for the month of December. Featuring spreads from Lucinda Charlotte Designs as she is one of my favourites recently. I used Lucinda Charlotte’s ‘December Monthly’ spread which didn’t fit in with my Notes page spread as Lucinda had sold out of the ones I wanted which I was gutted about. I then used Lucinda’s ‘Pretty Little Halloween’ ‘Winter Nights’ ‘Tis The Season’ ‘Boss Babe’ and ‘Noel’ for my weekly spreads and her ‘Breakfast In Bed’ notes page spread.  I have definitely improved my sidebar and what I put in it and I also love the Lucinda Charlotte Designs weekly spreads as they feature day covers and numbers which makes it look a lot more neater and fits in with the weekly themes. I changed up my sidebar a little bit and included a smaller Goals section and included a Schedule section for when I publish new blog posts throughout the week which I prefer. This will probably be my last in the series as it doesn’t get enough love anymore. 

    What is your favourite type of planner? 


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