• Part two of my awesome eBay beauty finds haul! This is the second part of my eBay beauty finds haul! In this haul I picked up two makeup brush sets, one of which is a Real Technique’s Bold Metals dupe set of 7 brushes and the other is a full 24 brush set with a brush roll.  

    These brushes are all from the Ovonni 24 Brush Set with Brush Roll. All the brushes are really soft and the bristles are really well made, with a little fall out to start with which is normal for any brush. The brush handles are black with a bronze gold detailing and Ovonni written in white on all the handles. I am excited to try out all of the different brushes and which ones I love using more. The brushes are all really soft and look very professional. The handles are very light but also not too light that they feel cheap, the are very well balanced for easier application. I will keep you updated on what I think of these brushes.

    The other set of makeup brushes that I purchased are the Real Techniques Bold Metal Dupe Set. It consists of 7 brushes for the face and eyes. The 2 rose gold ones are blush and contour, then the 2 gold ones are powder and a triangle foundation brush and the 3 silver brushes are for the eyes with a shadow, angled and liner brush. The bristles are quite soft and have a little fall out to start with but that’s normal. They look exactly like the Real Techniques brushes although they are much lighter and aren’t made of the same material which is understandable being dupes and really cheap, but they are good quality for the price they are. I already own the original RT Bold Metals Blush Brush and it’s really good and comparing it with the dupe – you can’t actually tell the difference between the two apart from the feel of the brush! I will let you know what I think of these brushes the more I use them, but I’m really impressed with them.

    Real Techniques Bold Metal Dupe Brushes 7 Pieces £9.49
    Ovonni Professional Makeup Brush Set 24 Pieces and Brush Roll £21.99
    What awesome eBay beauty finds have you purchased? What do you think of these items?
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    eBay Beauty Finds Haul #2: Ovonni & Real Techniques Bold Metals Dupes