• creating my instagram pod

    I had a little brainwave one night and especially after my travels in Iceland. My wanderlust really took over and I really wanted to create an Instagram Pod for fellow travel lovers. To share their travels and travel tips. It was the perfect way to keep the wanderlust alive and meet new travel bloggers and their travels. I had quite a few people jump on the idea and want to join which is amazing and there is still space if anyone else wants to join the group.


    An Instagram Pod is essentially a group message created by one user who can add anyone they like into the group message, where everyone in the group message can share their new posts and uploads and send messages to everyone in the group so they can all like and leave comments on each others posts. This all started when Instagram released the new algorithm. Instagram Pods can either be themed for example ‘beauty’ or ‘travel’ related or even be a mixture of themes and accounts grouped together.

    The benefits of being in an Instagram Pod are you get to meet lots of new accounts if you haven’t known them before, liking and commenting on each others posts/photos increases traffic and engagement. The new Instagram algorithm was designed to ensure those accounts with the most likes/followers on their posts were showed at the top of people’s feeds and those with lower likes/followers were at the bottom. Those with higher stats would get more engagement and grow their accounts more.

    creating my instagram pod
    I am part of a few other Instagram Pods where we can share our posts and support each other. To try and beat this horrible algorithm but nothing like a travel themed pod. I also have no experience running one. So it’s great that the girls are so laid back and catch up etc in their own time. And still support everyone in the group. If any fellow travel bloggers would like to join, feel free to message me.

    Are you part of an Instagram Pod? What are your thoughts on them?

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    Creating My First Instagram Pod