Bedroom Decor Inspiration

A brainstorm of bedroom decor inspiration. 
I’m planning on re-decorating my bedroom at the moment and I’ve been going through so many ideas and ways I want to re-decorate my bedroom and it’s constantly changing but I think I’ve decided what theme and colour scheme I want to go for. Above I’ve put together a little mood board of some inspiration for when I finally re-decorate my bedroom. I really want to go for a grey, white and blush pink colour scheme still sticking with my white furniture and possibly light grey carpet and walls whether that’s wallpaper or paint and then add pops of blush pink with accessories such as pillows and bedding. I am also on the hunt for a comfy but small enough desk chair, I’m debating whether to go for a Scandinavian style bucket chair but trying to find the style I want is quite hard. Below I’m going to try and link everything in this collage and things I’m wanting to buy for my bedroom.


What do you think of this colour scheme/style? Does anyone have any style/decor tips for small bedrooms?



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