Beauty Products Perfect For Travelling

Finding the perfect travel sized products can be very hard, here are my favourites.
I know it’s way out of the summer holiday season for travel essentials etc but really people are still going abroad at different times of the year so it doesn’t really matter when I post this, but it’s been sat in my drafts for ages and I thought it was about time I published it. Here are a few of my favourite mini beauty products that I love taking travelling in my makeup and wash bags. Benefit seems to be the popular brand here due to the fact they do most of their products in mini/tester form which are perfect for travelling. Mainly my bases and most used skincare products are slightly bigger but the rest of my makeup are mini form and I may take the odd eyeshadow palette but it won’t be a huge one, just one that’s filled with my most used everyday and night shades. Most of the Benefit products you can always ask for a sample or you can purchase their beauty kits they sell which come with about 5-8 mini versions of their products which you can take out of their box and add to your collection. Also shops like Boots or Superdrug or maybe even Poundland sell clear plastic bottles and containers in different shapes and for different uses which are perfect for transferring your bigger products into smaller bottles so you can fit more in your luggage. Another thing that you can find in cosmetics shops are dental care products such as I popped into Superdrug before my holiday to Mallorca to pick up some last minute toiletries and I came across a Colgate travel toothbrush which is manual and I normally use an electric but it doesn’t matter for a week or so, but this toothbrush folds up into itself to protect the head of the toothbrush as well as making it smaller – which I thought was amazing for travelling. 
Girl Meets Pearl Mini
Dream Screen Mini/Full Sized
POREfessional Primer Mini 
Total Moisture Facial Cream Mini
They’re Real Mascara Mini
It’s Potent Eye Cream Mini
Puff Off Mini 
Stay Don’t Stray Primer Mini
They’re Real Eye Make-up Remover Mini
Foaming Clean Facial Wash Mini
Benetint, ChaChatint, Lolitint & Posietint Mini
Benebalm, ChaChabalm, Lolibalm & Posiebalm

Longwear Loose Powder Eyeshadows
b.right Skincare Mini Set 

High Flyin Lipgloss Minis Set

Clear Spray Travel Bottles
Clear Screw Travel Bottles
Colgate Fold Up Soft Manual Toothbrush
Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste 25ml 
Any mini floss reel
Jo Malone Mini Tester Sprays
Jo Malone Mini Cologne
Any other mini colognes/tester sprays of other perfumes 

What mini/travel friendly products do you like bringing when you travel? What products do you recommend?