• The fitness world seems to be crawling with all of these protein and weight-loss shakes and brands oozing at the seams and sometimes you can feel quite intimidated by them all, all plugging that their product is the best and that you’ll get the perfect body.

    I don’t know how many times I see certain protein and weight-loss shake brands all over their social media with the same types of girls posing with their shakes and products and you just think, drinking that won’t give me that body without the hard work it needs. It’s very confusing and misleading for some people who think I’m going to try this and end up shedding the weight just like that *snaps fingers*. It doesn’t quite work like that, you need to put in the effort in order to reach the results you want. Now I may not be the perfect spokesperson for this but who cares – it’s my opinion. I’ve been on a few shake diets including Slim Fast quite a few years ago and only found it shrunk my stomach so I was eating less but it still didn’t help me lose the weight until I signed up the gym and then realised working out and eating healthier was the better option for me. I was never much of a gym goer when I was younger and I didn’t feel I fit in with that ‘cool’ group but who cares about stereotypes, right? I work out for me and me alone to help build a stronger, healthier and happier me, mind and body!

    Going to the gym has really helped me with my anxiety – I admit it took a lot of guts to say I’m going to sign up and join now but once I’d done it I felt great. I work out 3 times a week in order to fit in with my blogging schedule and then do yoga the rest of the week which helps me calm down and de-stress when I’m feeling anxious but it also helps with my balance. I do quite a bit of cardio to help build up my lungs as they suffer a lot since I was diagnosed with bronchitis as a baby and since then my lung capacity hasn’t been the greatest so there is so much exertion I can cope with.

    Now I’m not sure how these shakes work and how I feel about them and if they really do but I’m going to use them to replace my lunches for a month or too and see if I can achieve any weight-loss whilst going to the gym and to also reduce my stomach size again as I know Christmas has done some damage even though I was being rather good with the food I ate. I will keep you updated on how I get on with these shakes.

    Now this may be a very controversial post but I have seen quite a few tweets on twitter recently calling out Cute Nutrition and many other weight loss shake brands for promoting the starvation diet which is essentially true and it’s something I find very disturbing. I think it’s wrong for brands to try and brainwash young girls into believing if they drink their products they will get the perfect body like the girls who pose in photos with their products that are plastered all over their social media sites – this isn’t true!

    Achieving your ideal body comes down to hard work in the gym or your exercise of choice and eating a balanced and healthy diet and not from starving yourself. However they are okay in moderation but as long as you don’t starve yourself and replace the lost vitamins and things you lose from not eating your 3 meals in your other full meals you have during the day. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables!

    Not only is their approach to their whole business promoting these types of shakes using super skinny people in their photos is totally brainwashing and wrong but it also makes people who see those types of photos feel crap about the body they have and really affects their self esteem. As a blogger with an honest voice I wanted to write about this topic as myself I suffer from low self esteem and sometimes I struggle with my body and the way it looks but I know I am strong mentally and physically, so I wanted to share my concerns with this whole issue.

    I am quite disappointed with the effect that these have had on me as they don’t fill me up at all and I’m always being drawn to snack a lot more which is strange. They aren’t the same as Slim Fast’s drinks which used to fill me up quite well although they are less calories and seem to be helping me lose weight they are making me snack more which I don’t like. They taste nice and come out very smooth when mixed right with milk. I am still not happy with how Cute Nutrition market their products and try to promote the ‘starving diet’. I don’t know what to do with the remainders of my powders as they’ve been open but I don’t know if I want to continue with them.

    What are your thoughts on protein and weight loss shakes?

    *Please note I was taking these shakes purely for experimental purposes for this post. I do not agree with them or think they should be sold.

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