• A small haul from my holiday in Tenerife picking up 2 new bottles of my favourite perfume and a new pair of shoes.

    Daisy Dream fragrance by Marc Jacobs
    Bon Bon fragrance by Viktor & Rolf 
    Black Suede Heel Boots by Sergio Todzi 
    (all were purchased in Tenerife, Spain)
    A new fragrance love for me is Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs. The bottle is beautiful and the fragrance itself is fresh, floral and feminine. This will be my new day fragrance. I purchased it in Tenerife for £51 which is cheaper than on the high street in the UK!
    Another fragrance love is the new fragrance Bon Bon by Viktor & Rolf. The bottle is so cute and girly. The fragrance itself is a very musky floral smell and will be worn as my night/evening perfume. I purchased it for £46 in Tenerife which is cheaper than high street stores in the UK.
    My boots are from a bag, shoes and jewellery boutique shop in Tenerife. Designer: Black Lace Up Heeled Boots by Sergio Todzi (Italian) Size: 41 Euro / 8 UK Ladies. They are made from suede black material and leather. They are actually my first pair of heeled shoes EVER! (yes I know what your thinking) but given that I am actually 5’8 in height – I don’t really see much point in me needing heels as I’m so tall already. They are super comfy as well! They were about £30. So as you can tell I’ve had a rather expensive haul out in Tenerife, but it was so worth it!!
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