• A spot zapping gel that you need in your skincare routine. Quite a while ago I was searching through Boots’ selection of Soap & Glory products and was drawn to their skincare range, after repurchasing their Off Your Face face wipes. I came across their spot treatments and saw their Dr Spot Breakout Clearing Gel and was immediately wanting to purchase it after reading the box. The girl at the check out assured me that this was amazing and I was so excited to try it out. I had quite a few acne spots that I could try it out on. The gel is a clear slightly sticky texture and consistency – that once you apply it, you can feel it burning away at the acne spots. It doesn’t completely get rid of them right away because of course nothing can do that unless there is some miracle treatment out there but it does reduce the size and redness of the spots gradually. It is a great addition to my spot treatment routine along with my holy grail Sudocrem. The breakout clearing gel retails at £8 which is a great price for a spot treatment that does some really good things. The spot clearing gel dries clear and non tacky so you can apply your makeup on top whilst it’s still fighting those pesky spots.

    Soap & Glory Dr Spot Breakout Clearing Gel £8.00
    Have you used this product before? Or any of S&G’s skincare products? What do you think?
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