• What really annoys me about non CF bloggers and youtubers. Now being a 100% CF beauty blogger for 4 months now I have really picked up a lot of things that really annoy me about non cruelty free beauty bloggers, youtubers and brands themselves. Here’s what really annoys me and makes me angry..

    1. When bloggers/youtubers claim a brand is CF but they haven’t done their research
    I have noticed quite a few popular bloggers and youtubers claiming a brand is cruelty free in a sponsored post or video/post and it’s so obvious they haven’t done any research into the brand and their animal testing policy. One of the popular youtubers who I am referring to posted a collaboration video on their Instagram and claimed that the brand L’Oreal is now cruelty free, and anyone who knows about CF brands and has been CF for some time now known damn well that L’Oreal is one of the biggest non CF brands out there. They sell their products in China and China has a policy were every skincare and cosmetic product has to be tested on animals before it’s sold to the public therefore the brand isn’t CF if they agree to this policy no matter what the circumstances are. This YouTuber…*cough* Emily Canham *cough* was then deleting comments of those trying to correct her when she was giving false information to fans and viewers and making them then want to buy the product and support animal cruelty and testing. She blocked me and several others from her Instagram so we could no longer comment or see her profile which I think is disgusting. L’Oreal state this on their FAQ page under Do L’Oreal test on animals? L’Oreal no longer tests on animals any of its products or any of its ingredients, anywhere in the world. Nor does L’Oreal delegate this task to others. The rare exception allowed is if regulatory authorities demand it for safety or regulatory purposes.” The end part relates to when their products are sold in China and China’s policy requires all products to be tested on animals before being sold to the public, making L’Oreal NOT cruelty free!! They are the biggest non cruelty free brand and anyone who does their proper research will know this. 

    2. They promote non cruelty free brands as CF in order to gain viewers/followers/sales
    Again linking in with the top reason, Emily clearly didn’t do her research but was claiming L’Oreal was now CF in order to gain viewers and promote a non CF brand to boost their sales. Also another youtuber created a CF Makeup Tutorial and claimed Benefit was CF but still didn’t do her research and promoted that brand and herself in order to gain viewers and promote to boost their sales.

    3. They claim to be CF in a video/post just as a one off just to gain viewers/followers but still continue to use non CF products in other videos/posts
    Going back to the youtuber who did her CF Makeup Tutorial *cough* Fashion Mumblr aka Josie *cough* it is quite obvious that this was just a one off video in order to gain more viewers as the newest beauty videos on her channel don’t include CF brands and she’s just gone back to her old ways. In this video she also said that she still eats meat and has real leather handbags which is very contradicting when you say that you hate animals being treated horribly and are against animal testing yet animals are treated horribly when it comes to using them for food and skinning them for their fur/leather etc.

    4. When brands claim to be CF on their website but they clearly aren’t
    I’ve noticed quite a lot of brands that are known not to be CF in the community claim to be CF on their websites but this is only to gain sales and boost their brand profile. A brand isn’t CF until it’s been certified by PETA and the Leaping Bunny certificate. Some brands even use this certification illegally even when they haven’t been investigated yet. Popular brands such as Benefit, Rimmel, L’Oreal, Maybelline and many other brands all falsely claim to be CF when they aren’t so avoid those brands. You’d think bigger and more popular brands would know better than to lie and test on animals but again that’s how they gain their sales and become the bigger brand!

    5. Shops and brands aren’t actively promoting themselves for CF users
    I wish shops did more to promote CF brands and actively do something about animal testing. And also I wish CF were more accessible in the shops but again I guess this is how bigger brands get their money.

    On a lighter note I wanted to help fellow CF users, as I’ve been CF for about 4 months now I’ve found a few bloggers and youtubers who I can trust and help me along with my CF journey so I wanted to list people that you should follow along on your journey and those you can actually trust.


    What really bugs you about non cruelty free brands and bloggers/youtubers?
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