• Are you travelling to Siem Reap in Cambodia and looking for some good places to eat and drink at? These are places I have tried and tested and are definitely some stand out places you need to try when you visit.

    The Little Red Fox Espresso
    We visited my little find on TripAdvisor twice also after I had seen someone on Instagram talking about this cute place in Siem Reap, I just had to visit. We visited the first time which took a little bit of time trying to find once we got our barings and had a nice cold drink to cool down with and second time I picked up their Cream Cheese Bagel to take away which was yummy along with another of their Soda Drinks with Raspberry and Kiwi flavouring.

    Khmer Grill Restaurant
    This restaurant was directly opposite the little alleyway our hotel was down and every night we walked past it it was queuing out the door so it must be very good we thought, as we had only just got to Cambodia and specifically Siem Reap we thought we’d try it as it was the closest nearby for us to try without walking miles and we heard the couple behind us in the queue was English and they highly recommended this place to us as it was good food and super cheap so we thought it was worth a try and damn it was hella cheap and the food was great.

    The Original Khmer BBQ Restaurant 
    My Dad had heard about this restaurant on TripAdvisor and thought we should give it a try as you can cook your own dinner on these hot plates, you can cook your own traditional Khmer meal which comes with noodles and veggies and also 5 different types of meats that you can choose if you are a meat eater. It was a bit of a trial and error to make sure you had cooked your veggies and things properly in the hot broth but it was great fun and a very sociable dinner and then you can eat them from a bowl with chopsticks, of course I had my Rookie Stix to use – which was a huge saviour around Asia for me. I had the veggie option which came with lots of veggies, noodles and tofu instead of the meat.

    Fried Ice Cream Rolls Truck, Pub Street
    You won’t think eating from a cart on the side of the street would be so yummy and also hygienic but they are actually more hygienic than you think. Plus I’ve never tried ‘fried’ ice cream before but it was actually really nice and a very different way of having ice cream that I’ve ever had before. They charge about 2USD for a pot which I got about 7 rolls of ice cream in and you can choose your choice of flavour which I had nutella and banana together and then your choice of topping which I had 2 Oreo biscuits on top. They are made into a liquid which is poured onto a freezing cold slab until they become solid ice cream and roll them into small rolls before being carefully put into the ice cream tub and your topping is then added. They are super delicious and I highly recommend giving them a try.

    Hard Rock Cafe Angkor
    How could you not visit every Hard Rock Cafe in every city you go to? I think we’ve visited one in every city we’ve been to. Although it was slightly more expensive it was great to sit and chill whilst watching the world go by or watch and listen to the rock group they had on almost every night and have a naughty little cocktail to go with it.

    What is your favourite place to eat at? Have you been to Siem Reap or Cambodia before?

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