• Ambleside Lake and Beda Fell in the Lake District.

    It feels a little bit weird writing up a guide to your own country. I thought I might as well do it as there is so much to see across the UK. No matter where you go whether it’s London, Liverpool or even Wales. I’m used to writing more about the countries I’ve been to and writing my 5 minute guides on those. I wanted to include my home country because I do have international readers.


    In the UK we mainly use British Pounds (Sterling) but in the Republic of Ireland, they use the Euro. I would definitely recommend looking into a card that doesn’t charge you for payments or withdrawals abroad. I use Monzo which is an app based bank account and contactless card (there are lots of similar ones to choose from though), it also alerts you once you’ve used the card and also gives you the current exchange rate on purchases too.


    In the UK we speak English but different parts of the UK have their own dialect. In Ireland they will speak Gaelic, Newcastle have their own language called Geordie. And in Wales they will speak Welsh but everyone in the UK speaks the same English language.


    It will depend on what country you are travelling from but the UK are 8 hours behind Singapore, Malaysia, 7 hours behind Thailand, in the same timezone as Tenerife, 1 hour behind Stockholm and Croatia. In the summer the timezone is called BST (British Summer Time) and in the winter it is called GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)


    In England we drive on the left hand side of the road, with the driver on the right hand side of the car. It’s pretty easy to drive in England and also depends on where you are visiting to if you need a car. If you are visiting London, you will ideally need to use public transport or walk as the roads in London can be quite crazy with buses and other cars using the roads.


    Food and eating out in the UK is amazing. There are so many different restaurants across the UK which cater for different cuisines and tastes everything from Indian, Italian and American etc. London is perfect for checking out the old traditional English pubs for the all famous “pub grub” especially fish and chips or the loved English roast dinner.


    You won’t need a visa to visit the UK no matter where you are travelling from but you may need to fill in an immigration card.

    Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool.

    London | Liverpool | Stratford Upon Avon | Wales | Brighton | Lake District | Isle Of Wight 


    The capital of the UK is London. We also have lots of big cities across the UK which include London, Birmingham, Bristol, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool (England) Dublin, Belfast, Cork (Ireland) Edinburg, Glasgow (Scotland) and Cardiff (Wales) and many others which are too many to name but these are the most popular.


    Flights to London can be from any major city across the world or from having a stopover in a major city if you are coming from somewhere smaller. Be sure to search Skyscanner to find your best time to fly to London or any of the other major cities across the UK.


    There are so many hotels and accomodation across the UK depending on where you are planning to stay. These can vary from major hotel chains, AirBnB’s, homestays or hostels. Make sure you check out AirBnB and also TripAdvisor for booking your hotel or hostel.


    You can wear pretty much anything in the UK, of course depending on the weather. In the UK we have very varied weather throughout the year so it all depends on what the weather is like and what you wear.


    As I said above, the weather in the UK is very mixed and can change at any point. So make sure you are prepared for the weather you’ll be visiting in.

    April – June is pleasant and has a few cold days ; this is considered our spring and early summer. Our pretty flowers will be in blue which include daffodils, bluebells and sunflowers.
    July – September is our warmest weather ; this is considered our summer.
    October – March is our coldest weather with rain, snow and temperatures as low as 0 or below ; this is considered our autumn and winter. The leaves will start to change colour and the mornings will be crisp with frost. We usually get lots of snow in January.


    You do not need any injections to visit the UK.


    There is so much to do in the UK depending on where you are in the country. In London there is all of your typical tourist attractions plus a few quirky corners of the city that not most tourists know about which I love. In the Lake District, Peak District or in Wales there are some amazing hikes you can do up Mount Snowdon or in the fells of the national parks.

    Are you interested in travelling to the UK? Let me know where you are heading in the comments.

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