• It’s been a little while since my trip to Thailand but I still wanted to write up this post to help those wanting to travel to Thailand next, full of frequently asked questions or things you need to know before traveling there.

    In Thailand they use Thai Baht.

    In Thailand they speak Thai and a small amount of English, depending on how good their education was some can speak very good English. It helps to know a few small phrases in Thai as they love to know you’re trying with the language and appreciate it more.

    Thailand is 6 hours ahead of the UK.

    It’s best not to drive in Thailand as the roads are so manic, so I would recommend using taxis or tuk tuks depending on how long the journeys are. If they are longer I’d either use taxis or hire a personal driver for the day and if they are quick I’d use tuk tuks. If you are travelling around Bangkok, tuk tuks or the BST is a better option as it’s cheap, has air con, and is very fast.

    There is a mixture of cuisines around Thailand but you definitely have to try Thai food whilst you are there.

    Bangkok | Krabi | Chiang Mai | Phi Phi Island | Phuket | Koh Lipe

    Thailand’s capital and city is Bangkok. Thailand is formerly known as Siam and changed it’s name back in 1939.

    Flights to Thailand can take up to 11 hours from English airports. Various airlines fly to Thailand including Thai Airways, Etihad Airways, Virgin, British Airways and Emirates, but you can also fly via other asian airlines such as EvaAir and Nok which are both very good budget airlines to use.

    There are lots of amazing hotels to stay at wherever you go in Thailand, I have written an extensive list of affordable hotels you should check out and stay at there. This includes Ban SaiNai in Krabi, Eastin Grand Sathorn in Bangkok, Amara in Bangkok and Navatara in Rawai, Phuket.

    Make sure you wear lightweight and cool clothing in order to keep cool during the hot weather. When visiting temples and religious places make sure you have a thin scarf or sarong to cover your shoulders and legs and don’t show too much cleavage for a woman.

    The best time to visit Thailand is during our winter in the UK, from the months December to April the weather is typically drier and warmer than the rest of the year which is usually Asia’s monsoon weather. Temperatures could usually reach around 27-29 ‘C throughout their warmer months.

    There are plenty of things to do throughout Thailand depending on what you are after during your stay. I have written up plenty of blog posts about Things To Do in Bangkok, Krabi, Phuket and Chiang Mai.

    What have you always wanted to know before traveling to Thailand?

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