• If you just want a quick summary of everything you  need to know about Iceland before you book your flights – this is the post for you. Everything you need to know from the currency to what you can eat there. I have loved Iceland so much it is fast becoming my favourite place and may even overtake Thailand as much as I love the Thai people and their culture, there is just something about Iceland’s scenery which is topping it for me.

    In Iceland they mainly use Icelandic Krona but they also use Euros and GBP.

    Icelanders speak two languages very well and that’s Icelandic (obviously) and English but some may speak other languages if they’ve learnt it at school/uni etc.

    Iceland are the same time as the UK, so there is no fear of experiencing jet lag.

    In Iceland they drive on the right hand side of the road with the driver being on the left hand side of the car. You can hire your rental car from plenty of rental places across the country, we used Blue Car Rental which were very good. There are also plenty of taxis and bus services around Reykjavik and also some further out into Iceland. Also you are only allowed to drive in Iceland if you are over the age of 25.

    It is always rumoured that Iceland people only eat fish including fermented puffin and whale. NOT TRUE – they cater for a multitude of different cuisines. Whilst the weird dishes may be considered a delicacy, most Icelanders don’t actually eat them!

    The capital city is Reykjavik, Reykjavik is located in the South of the island. It is not only Iceland’s capital but also their largest city.

    Flights from the UK are around 3hr’s and 30mins depending on weather conditions. You can fly with EasyJet, WOW Airlines, British Airways and Icelandair for direct flights and Lufthansa, SAS and other airlines for stop over flights.

    The weather in Iceland is very mixed, it could be sunny in one place but freezing and windy in another so I would bring warm clothes like jeans, beanies, gloves and a warm coat as a base and then a mixture of tops for both types of weather which could be incorporated into your outfits.

    Weather is very mixed and is currently around 14 degrees Celsius but will feel colder with the winds.

    There are plenty of things to do whilst you’re in Iceland, most things don’t cost a single thing apart from entrance packages to the Blue Lagoon and also to get to the top of Hallgrimskirkja cathedral.  Make sure you read my post Amazing & Free Things To Do In Iceland for everything you need to do when you’re there.


    Have you been to Iceland? Would you like to go?

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