• I have seriously been struck by the wanderlust bug and I have been researching different places in Europe of where I can travel to when I eventually travel solo or European cities I need to revisit. Below are 5 European countries/cities that I need to travel to as soon as possible!

    There is something about Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital that reminds me of Reykjavik with the coloured buildings and the cute churches. I have a plan to visit every country in Europe as quickly as I can and I really want to visit all the cities in central and eastern Europe.

    Recently I have seen a lot of people have travelled to Austria this year and I suddenly came across Hallstatt which is a gorgeous little town in the middle of mountains with a huge lake in the middle. The houses and hotels all look like cute ski chalets and there are lots of little cobbled streets. I also really want to visit the salt mines and also their glaciers and waterfall.

    I have travelled to quite a few places in Spain including Tenerife, Ibiza, Barcelona and Mallorca but I’ve never been to the capital of Spain so Madrid is now on my list. I get the feeling it will be like Barcelona which I loved it there so I think I’d enjoy Madrid quite a lot.

    Now wanting to explore the city of Dubrovnik may have been brought on by my love for Game Of Thrones but also the fact the buildings and the whole city are completely walled off with the orange roofs and white walls to the buildings intrigue me surrounded by the crystal blue Mediterranean sea.

    I travelled to Paris quite a few years ago when I was younger but I really want to re-travel there and see everything again and see what else Paris has to offer.

    Where would you like to visit in Europe? Have you been to any of these places? Got any recommendations?!

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    5 European Countries That I Need To Travel To Next

    • Bex Moore says:

      I love Paris so much! It’s definitely on my list of places to revisit. Also – you’re so brave for thinking of travelling solo – I’m not sure I could do it x


      • Shannon says:

        Paris is so beautiful, I really need to travel there again! Thank you, hopefully I can pull myself together and actually book a solo trip but I’m so anxious about it xx