If you have trouble understanding the male mind, read these books! If you are after some serious relationship advice or need help understanding the male mind and how it works then I definitely recommend checking out these books. I am gradually making my way through and reading them but so far they are seriously helping me understand the male mind and how they work. And also tips on relationships. I’ve now added a couple more books to my self help book collection and I am seriously loving these books right now.
    Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus by John Gray – The holy grail of relationship books and if you haven’t seen this in Angus Thongs And Perfect Snogging then I have no idea where you’ve been. This is a must in your love and self help collection. It really helps you understand the different between male and female brains and how each one works. Also giving you advice on how to act and speak to them without upsetting them in any way. 
    Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov – I was actually recommended these books by Sherry by my soul sister and best friend Rachael, she said how they had helped her so much and that I should definitely read them. I am slowly making my way through this book and can definitely see this book helping me. It teaches me what guys like and the way you should act to keep them coming back for more. 
    Why Men Marry Bitches by Sherry Argov – Another book by the same author that I’ve been recommended which I’m excited to read once I’ve finished the other book. This book is mainly focusing on how you need to act and behave in order to keep the guy your with and to also know if he’s ‘The One’ and whether he is marriage material.

    Have you read any of these books? Want to give them a try?

    This post is in no way sponsored and all products mentioned in this post were purchased with my own money, all views are my own. For more information see my disclaimer. 

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